You, a Digital Marketing Expert

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You, A Digital Marketing Expert

If you’ve ever wanted to understand the new ways of marketing your business, this course will answer all of your questions.

This 6 week course will be live via webinar. Each session will run for up to 2 hours and you’ll be able to interact with the class instructor, Edison Guzman.

Live case studies will be presented, and your business model will be reviewed in order to see how you can implement Digital Marketing strategies within your business.

Classes start on Monday, March 19th from 4pm to 6pm and end April 23rd.

Register today and learn how to be a Digital Marketing Expert to promote your business.

Section 1Keyword Research
Lecture 1Why keyword research for your business?
Section 2Site Design and Optimization
Lecture 2How to create a landing page, optimize it, create sales funnels and more.
Section 3Creating a Content Marketing System
Lecture 3Your content marketing blueprint
Section 4Facebook and Instagram Advertising
Lecture 4How to Create a Facebook Page, Boost a Post, and Advertise your business
Section 5YouTube Advertising
Lecture 5Video marketing and YouTube Advertising
Section 6Email Marketing Magic
Lecture 6Why email marketing works so well
Lecture 7How to create the best email marketing strategy for your business
Lecture 8The email marketing sequence
Lecture 9How to get your email delivered every time
Lecture 10How to get people to open your email messages
Lecture 11How to get people to buy from you via email
Lecture 12How to use email to scale up your business
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