You, a Digital Marketing Expert

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You, A Digital Marketing Expert

If you’ve ever wanted to understand the new ways of marketing your business, this course will answer all of your questions.

This was a 6 week course delivered via live via webinar. Each session ran up to 2 hours and all questions about digital marketing for your business were answered.

Live case studies were presented, and business models were reviewed so that you can see how to implement Digital Marketing strategies within your business.

Register today and learn how to be a Digital Marketing Expert to promote your business.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Session 1- Keyword Research for targeting Your Perfect Market [1:27:29]

  • Why Keyword research
  • How to find the best terms for your product or service
  • Which terms work best for your business
  • How to get Google to rank your site faster and higher

Session 2 – Site Design and Optimization [1:44:31]

  • How sales funnels work
  • How to Create a profitable sales funnel
  • How to create a landing page
  • Creating responsive web sites
  • How to optimize your landing page for search engines

Session 3 – Creating a Content Marketing System [1:43:34]

  • What is content marketing
  • Tools necessary to create your content
  • How to choose your topics for maximum exposure
  • How to syndicate blog posts
  • How to syndicate your podcasts
  • How to syndicate your video content
  • Your content marketing blueprint

Session 4 Facebook and Instagram Advertising [2:15:37]

  • Why advertise on Facebook and Instagram
  • How to accurately target an audience
  • How to create a Facebook page for your business
  • How to boost a post
  • How to create an advertising campaign and ad groups
  • Session 5 – Video Marketing and YouTube Advertising [1:43:56]

What is video marketing
The 4 step video marketing strategy
10 ways to use video for your organization
10 video marketing strategies
10 video No-No’s
Tools for video marketing success
YouTube Advertising

Session 6 – Email Marketing Magic [1:32:11]

  • How to properly use email to automatically attract more customers
  • What NOT to do when using email marketing
  • How to use email to engage existing customers
  • How to create a profitable email marketing funnel to generate leads or sales
  • How to choose the best email marketing system for your business
Section 1Keyword Research
Lecture 1Why keyword research for your business?
Section 2Site Design and Optimization
Lecture 2How to create a landing page, optimize it, create sales funnels and more.
Section 3Creating a Content Marketing System
Lecture 3Your content marketing blueprint
Section 4Facebook and Instagram Advertising
Lecture 4How to Create a Facebook Page, Boost a Post, and Advertise your business
Section 5YouTube Advertising
Lecture 5Video marketing and YouTube Advertising
Section 6Email Marketing Magic
Lecture 6The Email marketing strategy that will get you more customers, and increase company revenue.
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