WordPress for Local and Online Businesses

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WordPress for Local and Online Businesses

WordPress is the number one Content Management system in the world. This set of videos will walk you through the process of creating a web site for your business, or for simple pleasure. You’ll also discover why it’s important to use WordPress over any other type of web design system on the market today.

Section 1WordPress 101
Lecture 1How To Buy a Domain Name
Lecture 2How to Buy a Hosting Account
Lecture 3How to Change Permalink Structure
Lecture 4How to Create New Pages in Wordpress
Lecture 5How to Create New Posts in Wordpress
Lecture 6How to Install Plugins
Lecture 7How to Install Themes
Lecture 8How to Write Effective Blog Titles
Section 2Why WordPress for Your Business
Lecture 9.coms, vs .orgs
Lecture 10Proprietary Website Systems
Lecture 11WordPress for Small Business
Lecture 12Myths Debunked
Lecture 13Easy CMS
Lecture 14Is It SEO Friendly
Lecture 15Dynamic Sites
Lecture 16Custom WP Plugins
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