How To Powerfully Brand Your Business

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How people see you, is how far you’ll get in business. Your brand is your most powerful asset, and it’s what you need to work on for the success of your business. This course will show you how to profitably create a brand that will convey the best image for your target audience.

Section 1How to Profitably Brand Your Business
Lecture 1Boost Your Brand Through Facebook
Lecture 2Creating Memorable Slogans that Stick
Lecture 3Creating Simple Video Intros
Lecture 4Figuring Out Your Customer's Demographics
Lecture 5How to Use Mascots to Brand Your Business
Lecture 6Position Brand Trustworthy Through Education
Lecture 7Power of Colors for Your Brand
Lecture 8Upgrade Your Fuzzy Graphics to Vector
Lecture 9Upgrade Your Logo Inexpensively
Lecture 10Upgrade Your WordPress Sites Theme
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